Welcome to 2019!!! The team at Calm & Connection Physiotherapy are busting to get started because we have so many ideas, passions, people and projects that we want to get stuck into straight away! As always, life is changing and we have some big personal items on the agenda as well! To start 2019 we wanted to share with you what we are up to and we hope you like our first blog of the year. (:

She’s back baby!

Yep- you heard right; She is back! Claire is returning from maternity leave in February after giving birth to her beautiful daughter May in 2018. We are super excited to welcome Claire back, as many of her clients already know, she is a powerhouse of women’s health, musculoskeletal health, movement therapy and “oh that British accent’ when instructing our physiotherapy core stability classes! We have missed Claire but she has been in and out of the clinic regularly when on maternity leave to continue to share her ideas and of course, share her baby cuddles!


Bye Bye Jules!

As we say ‘welcome home’ to Claire I say ‘farewell for now’ as I venture out on maternity leave with bubby #2. I am quietly confident having the second one and also quietly terrified having the second one (it varies day to day!). The first lesson I have learnt  from having my daughter Zara 3 years ago is that not everything can be controlled or planned for. Learning to ‘go with the flow’ is a wonderful lesson I have learnt and I get to live a much more peaceful life as result. I hope to take this attitude into childbirth and parenthood a second time around. The second lesson I have learnt from being a mother is to be kind to yourself and kind to others. This is my whole life mantra and the mantra for Calm & Connection Physiotherapy. Kindness brings so much to your life and to others and this is especially important during early motherhood. The other lessons I have learnt from being a mother is a blur of drinking coffee, engaging in mindfulness and doing heaps of Pilates. Stay tuned on our Facebook page and Instagram for baby updates this year!


New face, new physio!

What a joy it has been getting to know our newest Physiotherapist Sarah. Sarah is tackling her master’s in women’s health at the moment and we can’t wait to see what she does this year! Sarah will disappear for a few weeks here and there for onsite university work throughout 2019 and how lucky are we that she will come home with the latest evidence, research and treatment ideas to help us continue to bring the best possible physiotherapy to Gippsland! This year we want to get her set up for (all new) breast care/mastitis treatments as well as relaunching our physiotherapy core stability classes and her usual work in pelvic floor, continence and general physiotherapy. Woohoo!


Jane the super-physio!

She bundled up all the hay on the farm this Christmas and now she is ready to come back and continue her amazing work this year. Jane will be continuing into 2019 as our managing physiotherapy partner and will lead her amazing team with all the experience, humour and friendliness that we have got to know from her the last few years. With Sarah & Claire continuing their great work, Jane has the opportunity to become more specialised and advanced by the minute! Jane is building her advanced knowledge of men’s pelvic floor health, bowel health, pelvic pain and prolapse treatments in 2019 (she is bringing her skills to a whole new level) and we thank our lucky stars that she decided to do that with us at Calm & Connection Physiotherapy. She is very special to us.


New look physiotherapy classes!

In 2019 we will be launching the Calm & Connection Core strength series. These classes will replace our Pilates series that we have traditionally run with our physiotherapists. Don’t worry, they are still built on the same great principals with the same great instructors… they even have the same great health insurance rebate benefits!

“The difference in 2019 is that we are getting better at learning our physiotherapists strengths and harnessing them to bring the best possible classes to you.

We proudly introduce ‘Active Core’, ‘Mindful Core’ and ‘Express Core’ physiotherapy classes.”

Too big for our boots?

We are ready for great change in 2019. As we expand our team and our skills we seem to be busting at the seams. Yoga Space Gippsland will continue to be the home of our physiotherapy led exercise classes in 2019 and we will be looking to expand our clinic into a new venue when the right space comes along. As with everything… we will know when that moment comes and we will continue to ‘go with the flow’ until then. Watch this space (so to speak…).


Coming up…

Our Physiotherapists are booking up quickly in 2019. Don’t forget to get in touch early to secure your appointment with Super Physio Jane, Powerhouse Claire and the fresh & fantastic Sarah!


Until then…

Be kind to yourself,  


Julia Berger Physiotherapist