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The division of our nervous system controlling our involuntary bodily actions is known as the ‘parasympathetic nervous system’. As opposed to our ‘flight and fight’ system, it is associated with a state of safety, peace, calm and happiness. Dr Kerstin Uvnas-Moberg terms it our ‘Calm & Connection’ system (The Oxytocin Factor, 2011)

About Julia Urquhart

Pelvic Floor & Continence Physiotherapy, Pilates, Chronic Pain Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Charles Sturt University) and Post Graduate Certificate in Pelvic Floor and Continence Physiotherapy (University of Melbourne) and and APA member of Women’s, Men’s & Pelvic Health.

After graduating from university I entered the world of sports physiotherapy where I enjoyed working on the South Coast of NSW for 5 years. As I began to focus on clients who suffered from chronic pain, I found myself exploring the mind-body connection, and how the mind can greatly influence our health and well being. A developing passion for women’s health led me to complete my post graduate studies in pelvic floor and continence physiotherapy. Together with my experience in Pilates, core stability and mindfulness, I was able to bring a re-energised, evidence based approach to treating clients with a range of conditions.

I have been blessed enough to experience the wonder of pregnancy and childbirth, giving birth to my beautiful daughter in early 2016. My experience has given me a new found empathy for my clients, and further fuelled my passion in pelvic floor physiotherapy.

I am so excited to share my skills and knowledge with clients through a variety of holistic wellness strategies and a network of likeminded health care practitioners.

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About Jane Strachan

APA Continence & Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (University of Otago), Masters of Clinical Physiotherapy- Continence and Women’s Health (Curtin University of Technology) and APA titled member in Continence & Women’s Health

Following graduation from Otago University (NZ) with bachelors in physiotherapy, I worked in NZ then Melbourne with a focus on musculoskeletal and sport physiotherapy clients. When I met my husband and moved to Gippsland, the focus of my career turned towards women’s health.  Once I started to manage pelvic health clients, I noted that very few practitioners worked locally providing this important care in a supportive setting.   I embarked on my clinical master’s degree in 2010, and following completion of this, I have continued to study in the area of pelvic health with a special interest in stress and urge incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse.

I believe that both keeping up to date and treating with current best practice are important for effective management of all my clients.

Providing local, high quality healthcare for rural and regional communities is a significant part of my ethos as a practitioner.  I have worked in pelvic health and continence management in the Latrobe valley since 2009, and I have developed good close working relationships with both local and metropolitan based clinicians. This enables greater streamlining of care regardless of the path patients choose. I am a strong advocate for my patients so they can receive the most appropriate care.

I enjoy an active lifestyle, living on our farm with my husband and two children.  As a member of the Country Women’s Association, I also love connecting with other rural groups and providing support and care for those who need it (and the cakes and scones aren’t bad too!).

About Nicola Hribar

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Pelvic Floor & Continence Physiotherapy, Paediatrics, Ante-natal and Post-natal care, Pilates

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (1st class Hons) (University of Canberra), Australian Physiotherapy Association Sports Level 1 & 2, member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, the Australia Physiotherapy Association Paediatric National Group and Australian Physiotherapy Association Women’s Men’s & Pelvic Health National Group 

After graduating in 2017, I entered the world of musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy as a uniformed physiotherapist for the Australian Defence Force. I was posted to Townsville from 2017-2019 where I enjoyed being a part of a large rehabilitation team. Over this time, I gained invaluable experience and training in acute and chronic injury management with a focus on holistic and evidence based best practices. My breadth of skills in manual and exercise therapy allows me to individualise management to achieve more sustainable outcomes for my clients.  

As a physiotherapist I am passionate about restoring independence and empowering through education and understanding, which is why I found myself growing an interest in paediatrics and pelvic health. In 2019, I embarked on an women’s health course and commenced my Post Graduate Certificate in Paediatrics at Melbourne University. Since moving to Gippsland I’ve been working as a physiotherapist for children with additional needs. As a new member of Calm & Connection I am excited to bring my experience and training in order to help clients regain independence and confidence.  

About Brittany Bourne

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Pelvic Floor & Continence Physiotherapy, Ante-natal and Post-natal care, Clinical Pilates, NDIS

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Australian Catholic University North Sydney), Australian Physiotherapy Association Level 1 Women’s Health, member of the Women’s Health Training Associates, Australian Physiotherapy Association, Continence Foundation of Australia

After graduating from the Australian Catholic University I entered the world of private practice musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy in regional Victoria where I enjoyed working in a large established team servicing patients and communities throughout West and East Gippsland. Over this time I was able to work with a varied caseload of acute and chronic patients consisting of paediatric, geriatrics, sports as well as NDIS and Work-Cover. I enjoyed running hydrotherapy groups and instructing in a Clinical Pilates studio.

Implementing best care for my patients’ rehabilitation journey using clinical exercise, mind-body connection, holistic as well as evidence-based manual therapies is my physiotherapy philosophy. It is my goal to be able to teach sustainable and long-term

 strategies for my patients’ to have self-efficacy and quality of life in all aspects.

My passion for all things Women’s Health ignited after volunteering in vulnerable communities in Nepal (2015) and Vanuatu (2018) where I worked closely with a team of midwives. I found myself especially passionate about Women’s Health, including ante-natal, post-natal, continence, sexual health and returning to everyday life activities and exercise after having bubs. Following this passion I have embarked on a Post Graduate with the Australian Physiotherapy Association as well as the University of Melbourne in Women’s Pelvic Health and hope to empower as many women as possible to feel strong, confident and powerful within their own body.

About Jennifer Romanczukiewicz

Lymphoedema Physiotherapy, Palliative Care Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation Physiotherapy, Respiratory Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Physiotherapy with honours (Charles Sturt University), Accredited Lymphoedema Physiotherapist (Australasian Lymphology Association), Australian Physiotherapy Association Cancer, Palliative Care and Lymphoedema Physiotherapy Group Member

After graduating with Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2010, I lived in Queensland and worked in the hospital setting across a range of areas including rehabilitation, maternity/postnatal care, musculoskeletal and respiratory. After falling in love with the Illawarra, I moved here to specialise in rehabilitation, geriatrics and palliative care. For the past 4 years of my career, I have worked solely as a specialist in palliative care and neurodegenerative conditions which is where I have found my passion for supporting clients to live their best lives and to overcome adversity. Working in this area, I also recognised the need for more skilled lymphoedema practitioners within our community, especially for clients with lymphoedema following cancer and those with complex oedema due to medical conditions. For this reason, I completed my accredited lymphoedema training via Alert at Macquarie University to better serve our community and improve clients quality of life and health outcomes.

I am passionate about assisting clients with lymphoedema to achieve the best possible results for their condition and empowering clients through education to be able to confidently maintain and manage
their condition.

My personal goal is to provide clients with the most up to date and evidence based care while also empowering and enabling individuals with chronic and degenerative conditions to rise above their challenges and to appreciate their body for its amazing resilience. I believe that the human body is an amazing structure that can adapt to changes despite all odds and I love to join and guide clients on their journey towards wellbeing and function.

Outside of work you will usually find me chasing two small beautiful children, tending to my garden and either running, bushwalking or paddle boarding around our beautiful region.

About Georgia Link

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Women’s Health Physiotherapy, Antenatal and Postnatal care, Pilates

Bachelor of Health Science (University of Sydney), Masters of Physiotherapy (University of Sydney), Member of Women’s Health, Musculoskeletal and Cardiorespiratory APA Groups.

Growing up in Sydney, I was a keen netballer for a good ten years of my life. Initially, it was my exposure to private practice musculoskeletal physiotherapy (with plenty an injury) that made me want to pursue physiotherapy as a career. Throughout the course of my university degree, I spent the bulk of my time instructing mum’s and bub’s mat Pilates classes at a local physiotherapy clinic. After graduating from the University of Sydney, I spent the first few years of my career working within the Victorian public healthcare system, building up a solid foundation in the treatment of acute cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.

In recent times, I have been fortunate enough to develop my experience in women’s health physiotherapy. Soon into my interactions with women both antenatally and postnatally, I
realised that the education that I was providing was a key component of the positive influence that I have on my patient’s health and wellbeing. As a clinician, I am truly passionate about empowering women to take charge of their health throughout their lifespan. Above all else, I believe that it is important to be a friend. My goal as a women’s health physiotherapist is to provide a safe place for women to discuss their concerns and eradicate the ‘awkwardness’ out of discussing their bodies.

Our mission

To provide effective, evidence-based, meaningful healthcare in a supportive and kind environment.
To promote health and empower people suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction.
To pursue passion and knowledge so that we may positively impact individual and community health.

Our values

Commitment to patient centred care
By embracing a patient centred approach we aim to ensure that the rights and needs of each client are met, their goals are pursued, and our interactions are based on respect and equality. We aim to reduce anxiety and improve the emotional, social and biomedical outcomes for our clients.
The pursuit of knowledge
Health care is an ever evolving field, with a continuum of knowledge and skills to be mastered. Our pursuit of knowledge is what drives us toward being the leaders in evidence based therapies and ensuring our team continues to achieve excellence in physiotherapy.
Excellence in our field
A commitment to quality practice, a sound knowledge base and strong physiotherapy skills are essential components to achieving client satisfaction and reaching meaningful outcomes. Our practitioners continue to strive for excellence in their field by pursuing post graduate education and skill training, and operating within a collaborative environment.
Health limitations rarely occur in a single dimension, therefore, we strive to treat all clients holistically, with collaboration between multiple disciplines. Through collaboration we aim to bridge the gaps in treatment and to expand the potential of our clients and our profession.
At Calm & Connection Physiotherapy we are committed to ensuring our services are appropriate for a range of cultures, ages, sexual orientation and backgrounds. We aim to contribute to a vision where healthcare is equitable and accessible for all people.


Our practitioners hold professional memberships with the following organisations:

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • The Continence Foundation of Australia
  • The Women’s Health Training Association
  • International Children’s Continence Society

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