Well if you have made sense of this federal government in the past 3 years you are doing well! One thing we can help make sense of is the new reforms to health insurance declared in 2018 in regards to claiming natural therapies (such as Pilates) on your health insurance. As many of you are well aware, Physiotherapists have been teaching and utilizing Pilates based exercises for many years to assist in health and rehabilitation, and in our case, assist in maintaining pelvic floor and core stability. Then this happened…

“In 2018, the Federal Government announced its plans to make certain natural therapies ineligible for private health insurance rebates. Among these was Pilates (Australian Physiotherapy Association, 2018).


Basically what this new plan means is that Pilates classes will not be able to be claimed under your health insurance from now on. Luckily for us, the Australian Physiotherapy Association has been advocating on our behalf. As we know, many clients seek out physiotherapy led Pilates classes (such as those provided by Calm & Connection Physiotherapy) when they are dealing with health issues, injury, pain or require higher levels of supervision and expertise to improve their health. These are all legitimate reasons to make claims on your health insurance that you faithfully pay. As a result of the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s good work, this happened…


“The Department considers that an insurer may lawfully pay benefits if a physiotherapist, providing services to a patient within the accepted scope of clinical practice, uses exercises or techniques drawn from Pilates as part of that patient’s treatment as long as the exercises or techniques are within the accepted scope of clinical practice (Australian Physiotherapy Association, 2018)”


This is great news for us! As Calm & Connection classes are led by our highly trained physiotherapists, we are able to continue to provide beautiful core stability training using exercises that are drawn from natural therapies such as Pilates and Yoga!


You will however notice a few changes leading up to our next set of classes.


Our classes have re-branded! We are excited to introduce ‘Active Core’, ‘Mindful Core’ and ‘Express Core’ Physiotherapy group classes (read more about our classes by clicking here). The core series are gentle group exercise classes that combine the practices of traditional exercise therapy, Pilates, mindfulness and foam rolling to bring awareness to our bodies, build strength and stability, promote flexibility and improve the mind-body connection. Our classes are all provided within the physiotherapy scope of practice and supervised by our qualified physiotherapists with advanced training in pelvic floor physiotherapy.


As we are providing a high level of clinical care to our clients, and as per physiotherapy guidelines, every person participating in a physiotherapy group class requires individualised assessment, treatment and follow-up. This means that if you are a new client, or haven’t been seen in our clinic by one of our physiotherapists before, we require you to come in for a 1:1 individualised assessment. This enables us to assess your condition, ensure you are safe doing the exercises, check you have the correct muscle activation patterns prior to starting and help you get the most out of the class by using technology such as real time ultrasound. The cost of your 1:1 can also be included in your ‘starter package’. 


Everything else you need to know about claiming your physiotherapy group classes with your health insurer is included on your Calm & Connection Invoice. So basically… you just need to do the same thing you have always done! Scan your health insurance card in our clinic on the day of your class, or claim all your classes at the end of your term directly through your health insurance provider.


Hope this clears everything up! Happy Physiotherapy group class days!! 😀


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Our Physiotherapists are booking up quickly in 2019. Don’t forget to get in touch early to secure your appointment with Super Physio Jane, Powerhouse Claire and the fresh & fantastic Sarah!


Until then…

Be kind to yourself,  


Julia Berger Physiotherapist